Hi, I'm Simone.

I'm an environmental biologist. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I like it.

Right now, I work in a wetland with amphibians. I love all animals and music. And food.

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Which house do you belong to? (via LISACommunity on Facebook)

Science is coming.

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Ferniture, via Habitat Horticulture

If you’re into “green” / living furniture (and, really, who isn’t?!), additional examples can be found in earlier Gardens in Unexpected Places posts here

I thought of you.

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The obsession never dies. It just waits. Radiohead live in ‘03 Acoustic at Le Réservoir, Paris

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I play piano, sometimes.

<3 <3

I didn’t know what it was when I clicked, but when I did my heart jumped. Really nice to hear after a while.  

acalc, check it. 

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Australia Ad.

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" Alex Has been huge influence on me, He’s smart and he’s crafty, he never gets ruffled, he’s truly great artist. " - Josh Homme

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"Some believers accuse skeptics of having nothing left but a dull, cold scientific world. I am left with only art, music, literature, theater, the magnificence of nature, mathematics, the human spirit, sex, the cosmos, friendship, history, science, imagination, dreams, oceans, mountains, love and the wonder of birth. That’ll do me." - Lynne Kelly

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See You Space Cowboy - by MeganLara
Available for $11 from TeeFury for 24 hours only.


See You Space Cowboy - by MeganLara

Available for $11 from TeeFury for 24 hours only.

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I love this damn movie

The boyfriend refuses to watch it :(

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On the top of my bonnaroo must see this year? BROKEN BELLLLSS!

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