Hi, I'm Simone.

I'm an environmental biologist. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I like it.

Right now, I work in a wetland with amphibians. I love all animals and music. And food.

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Mediterranean Tabbouleh Hummus Dip


Mediterranean Tabbouleh Hummus Dip

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Reading lists

So I’ve been binge reading. Which is fun, because for about 4 years during school, all the reading I did was school related and non-fiction for the most part. But I’ve been reading for pleasure a lot here lately. In the last two or three months I’ve finished

- The Handmaid’s Tale
- The Old Man and the Sea
- I Am Legend
- A bunch of science fiction short stores
- Mockingjay
- Siddhartha
- Narcissus and Goldmund
- Demian
- A book of folktales

I’ve finished the three Hesse books in the last two weeks. I’m about to read Steppenwolf.

I like Hesse. It’s been interesting reading his books back to back. All the prevailing themes of independence, visceral experience, the idea that the individual is the universe. It reminds me a lot of Emerson, who I dearly dearly love, but with more mythos. And can we talk about Demian? Because if it ended the way I interpreted it - it and Siddhartha are in the running for books I suggest everyone read. It’s 1:30a. I’m about to start a new book. This is the most dangerous game.

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People in other countries risk their lives every day to fight to have the freedoms ~60% of people in this country waste, or disregard as useless.

I find that really interesting. You’re tired of an apathetic government? Maybe the government is the reflection of the people. 

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I went to Disney, but I’m a bad vacation photograph taker. 

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I am on Ello! 


I like music. I’m politically minded. I share science articles, songs, cute animal stories, current events, humanitarian subject material, quotes from books, I ask for lists of your favorite bands, books, movies, and opinions about things. I’m a mostly positive person. Sometimes I’m funny. I’m a little aloof. I am also sarcastic. I make lots of observations about the world.

I’m pretty interesting. If you wanna add me, you may do so. I will pay attention to your things. Whether or not you pay attention to mine, they’ll be there anyway. 

I have a few invite codes if you’re interested but aren’t on yet. 

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You can watch the video here

I have a compilation of short horror films for anyone interested.


I don’t know why but I feel you’ll appreciate this with me.

This is amazing! corkysnoo, thanks!

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This is too intense

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Dice Shaming

Literally the best photoset I’ve ever seen on tumblr

What the hell happened to the second to last one


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Italian contemporary artist Livio Scarpella series ‘Ghost Underground’  (Bless Soul / Soul Damned) : Inspired by the works of Rococo sculptor Antonio Corradini’s (1668-1752) veiled ladies.

These are unreal.

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Studio Jiggly by BiggStankDogg
$11 Tees / $25 Zip Up Hoodies for 24 hours only at The Yetee

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